The Process of Outlining

The first thing I did was divide my paper into four main topics. I then added subtopics which made up the main ideas of that individual topic. Next, I added which sources I wanted to use for each subtopic and what I would need or learned from those. I also thought about what points I wanted to make in those subtopics and looked through my sources to locate those. I also made sure to use correct citation for each source so I wouldn’t have to later. At the end, I decided I was finished when I had gone through all my sources and felt I had discussed my subtopics to their fullest extent.

The strongest part of my paper is the section on the Dominicans as I had the most information on them from the sources I had. Although, I feel that my section on the franciscans and Jesuits are almost fully formed as well. My weakest section is my background because I have more historical aspects to add and consider that affected the orders.

Something that surprised me as I wrote my outline was how it helped me further form ideas I thought I had already pieced together. Another way writing my outline surprised me was how sources I knew I would use for one topic, also could be used in other sections of my paper.


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