First Draft Reflection

Creating the first draft of my paper was harder than I thought it would be. I had a fairly extensive outline and I thought I knew exactly when and how I would be discussing everything. But, when I was writing, I often struggled with order and kept almost writing cyclically as ideas came to me and I would go back and add it in. I’ve never written that way before so that was a very interesting experience for me to be writing analysis for something I hadn’t written yet and just jotting it down and then going back to what I was writing. Or, if I had moved onto something else but then that made me understand something previous better, I would have to go back and add more in. I wasn’t really aware of just how much I knew about this topic and how much I really had to say. So writing like that made sense to me as layers kept unfolding almost faster than I could get them out.

The most frustrating part was trying to find page numbers. I don’t know why I didn’t include that in my outline as I had already done all the work of locating the topics in my books but I didn’t write down the page numbers. That turned out to be a huge and annoying mistake because I had to spend so much time pouring through my books again to find quotes or where exactly I had found that information and it was just frustrating.

The most satisfying part is that it is finally out there and the bulk is done now. I still have work to do though. I need to add in more examples for the Jesuits and find the pictures for the examples from Yanhuitlan. Also, I  need to work on and refine my analysis for the next draft. But, it is so satisfying to know that a lot of it is finally done and my ideas are at least out there.


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