Revising the First Draft

Receiving feedback on my first draft has been essential for starting revisions. Without having these places to look into or start back into my draft, it would be impossible. It’s nice to have an outside view of my draft that can help me pinpoint where I need to make my points clearer or which parts were confusing. I understand what I’m trying to say so its difficult for me to see what parts do need to be made clearer.

My plan for revising is to copy my old paper into a new document and make edits on that new document. Then, I’ll highlight each part of the paper that corresponds to a note from the feedback and type that note into google docs so that way I have both notes from Marie and Dr. Karamanski all in one place. Next, I will start actually revising from the beginning and work my way through the comments. The ones I can fix easily I will fix right away and make my way through the paper fixing the small stuff first. Lastly, I’ll go back through and address the comments I skipped the first time around.

The beginning of my paper will require the most work as that’s where most of the comments are. I need to strengthen my connections and explanation of the background for my paper and also reconsider order and flow of the beginning.

The biggest challenge for me will be staying focused on each word as I reread and reread this paper. Even when I was looking over my first draft, I definitely did not pay as much attention as I thought I did when reading it over and I think, because of how many hours I’ve been staring at this paper, part of my brain just assumes everything is fine and I skim and jump around more than I should. So, for revising seriously this time, I need to make sure I am focused on every word and making sure my phrasing is clear at all times.

I think the strongest part of my paper is really the content on specifically Dominicans, Franciscans, and Jesuits. The beginning of my paper on the background needs a lot of work on phrasing and connecting to my topic, but the bulk of my paper seems to be in pretty good shape. So, I think my content and ideas are there, I just need to work on rephrasing and making myself clearer throughout, especially in the beginning.


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