Final Reflection!

This semester I made a lot of progress in writing and revising. I’ve never written something as in depth and expansive as my paper and the experience of writing it was a true learning process. I feel I am a much better writer now, partly due to the fact that I know what to look for and correct in my writing to make it better. I wish I had more access to materials this semester for my paper so I could’ve possibly found more examples to look at and analyze.
The best part of the semester was actually the day in the IC where we all met and revised our drafts. That day helped me a lot and I felt like it really allowed me to focus in on my paper in order to get it the finished product it is. I also no longer felt overwhelmed as I had a lot of the previous steps of the way. But, after that day, I could manage my workload and tasks better. I also learned a lot of good revising tips that I think will help me going forward as well. It was all good from that point on so that was the best part.
I am really thankful for this experience and everything I learned. Thanks for a great year!

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